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I just noticed that Jarvis has his own stocking. Tony Stark hangs up a stocking for Jarvis at Christmas. And there are at least two extra stockings up there so Tony totally gives his bots stockings too.

I think the important part is that the stocking for Jarvis is completely different from the others. It’s loud and silly looking and the name is written in what looks to be a child’s handwriting.

That’s the stocking Tony made Jarvis, the real human Jarvis, when he was young.

I doubt it’s the stocking Tony made for flesh-and-blood butler!Jarvis as a kid; all that digital green you see, that’s binary code! THIS IS THE STOCKING TONY STARK, BILLIONAIRE BUSINESSMAN AND TECH GENIUS, //hand-made// for his goddamn AI //as an adult//, and if that is not the saddest, cutest, most precious, most endearing thing, I dunno what is

OK … I don’t know whose idea it been for me to spend more time with vodka on the internet and less time with sleep …

but this is killing me.

zooey deschanel animated GIF

and I just don’t

I understand why … 

  • I don’t want to miss anything
  • The sooner I go to sleep, the sooner morning comes

But …

Andrew Garfield Christmas animated GIF

I miss it so much …

Alone Love animated GIF

Beach Exhausted animated GIF

jossmayfair … please … help …








I really don’t know what I’m doing any more … someone should probably take the internet away from me …

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Aw, poor celtickaye. Have you got to this stage yet?


Go to bed, my dear. James and all of the fun will be here when you get back.

LOL merelyappreciative … how’d you know?

This is me, trying to wake up for work this morning …

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